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Vishnu Bharath

Grade 6

Q What have you worked on at NEIA that you are most proud of at NEIA?

Something that I’ve learned about and am proud of is my progress with Mandarin. It’s been an enjoyable class, not to mention extremely interesting as well!

Q In what ways do you feel belonging at NEIA?

NEIA is a great school, where all students and teachers are very friendly. I have a great friend group, and we have a lot of fun together. All in all, the community at NEIA is very inclusive!

Q What has been your favorite meal that Chef Mike has prepared at NEIA, and why?

Definitely Taco Bar. (Anyone who disagrees with me is wrong. Completely. Unarguably.) It’s my favorite just because I love tacos. Tacos are great. My favorite song is the taco song. And you know, it tastes good.

Q What is something new that you’ve tried at NEIA?

Something new that I’ve tried is, well, Mandarin. Out of all my classes, it’s the most original by far. It’s interesting, fun, and has a great novelty to it. Tang, the teacher, is really nice, and always plans an excellent class for us!